The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest or as it is called in Hungarian Országház is probably the most stunning building in Budapest and one of the top sights to see. Best place to see the Parliament for a perfect picture is the opposite side of the Danube on Batthyány tér which you can easily reach with the Metro Line 2 from the city center. Thousands of  people come here to take the must have picture of their trip to Budapest, probably that is as popular as the picture in front of Heroes’ Square. It is one of the largest Parliament buildings in Europe and currently the largest building in Hungary stretching 268m along the Danube.

The archetype for the Parliament in Budapest was the Westminster Abbey in London. Architect of the building was Imre Steindel started the construction in 1885, went blind before the construction was finished so he never had the chance to see his own creation completed and in color. In 1904 the construction of the Budapest parliament was completed. On October 23rd 1989 Mátyás Szűrös declared the Hungarian Republic from the balcony facing to Kossuth Lajos Square.

With more than 40 million bricks, half a million precious stones and more than 40kg of pure gold it has been said that the invested money would be enough to build an entire city for more than 60.000 inhabitants at that time. With a width of 268m, a length of 123 and the 96m high central dome it is the largest building of Hungary. Also the Parliament in Budapest is the highest building and as for now there is a law that forbids building higher than the 96m of the central dome in order to keep it the highest building in the country.

A fun fact is that the building itself consists of two mirrored parts with exactly the same partition of rooms, stairs and halls. Basically you could cut it in half and have exactly the same building twice. One side of the Parliament in Budapest is used by the government of Hungary, the second part is for visitors and tourists. Tours are offered by different tourguides but you can also be led through the parliament in groups starting every half an hour.

Budapest Parliament Visit and City Tour

In these tours you will see the Parliament from inside and of course from outside including guides in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French. Please be aware that the tour is not operated on Mondays!

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Tours on which you will see the Budapest Parliament

Budapest Parliament Images

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The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on the Map

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