Budapest is very well known for its amazing Turkish Baths dating back to the 16th century. The Rácz bath is a perfect mixture of Hungarian history and relaxation, perfect while visiting Hungary’s’ capital.

The Rácz bath is 8000sqm with imperial pools and shower corridors built during the ages of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The bath is actually listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is now a part of complex that includes a Rácz hotel, known as Rácz Hotel & Thermal Spa. This 5 star hotel has 67 rooms, restaurants and bars. Most of the rooms offer a breath taking views of the historical spa.

The oldest portion of the Rácz bath is the Turkish Cupola, built in 1572. It had managed to stay in good enough shape to be authentically restored. Along with oldest part, there is also the most impressive, the Ybl (built by Miklos Ybl) baths and shower corridor. They were built between 1865-1870, and still partially remained after World War II, with renovations in 1960s and in 2002. The flora bath, known today as the VIP section of the complex, was built in 1865 and styled after the Roman baths. And the most modern part of the bath offers 21 treatment rooms, a business room and a special VIP area.

The very characteristic identity to the baths, its the water content and its ‘healing powers’. It has medical benefits ranging from alleviation of arthritis, inter-vertebral disk pain, aortic stenosis and bronchitis. The content of the water is a mixture of calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, sodium, sulfate-chloride and fluoride ions. The water is also kept at different temperatures for personal preference at 14˚C, 36˚C, 38˚C, 42˚C.

The newly opened bath on the foot of Gellért Hill is vacation within a vacation.

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Rácz Bath Information

Address: Hadnagy út 10., Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 225 3384

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