Let the music play!

Sitting in the car without music is quite boring so here you will find all Radio stations available in Budapest. The most popular are probably Slager Radio, Roxy Radio, Danubius and MR2. If you prefer cultural topics than you should have a listen to Kossuth Radio or MR1. Enjoy the music.

Name Frequency
Danubius Radio 103,3 Mhz
Juventus 89,5/102,7 Mhz
Petofi Rádió 94,8 Mhz
Radio Bridge 102,1 Mhz
Roxy Radio 96,4 Mhz
Star Radio 92,9 Mhz
Tilos Radio 98,0 Mhz
Radio DJ ???
Slager Radio 100,8 Mhz
Radio Extrem ???
Cafe 98,6 98,6 Mhz

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