Last weekend I had the chance unique to visit a so called Lakásétterem for the first time in my life named Repeta Lakásétterem. Translated to English Lakásétterem means Home Restaurant. But before jumping into the menu or the experience overall I would like to tell you what exactly a Home Restaurant is.

What is a Lakásétterem / Home Restaurant?

Imagine you are invited to a friends home and get a fantastic 7 course menu served in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. That is how I would describe a home restaurant in one sentence. So basically the flat or apartment of a cooking interested person is serving as the restaurant where you are having dinner with and the owner himself is the chef because he enjoys cooking and serving people. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

In that home restaurant I have been to there are open dinners which are scheduled and you can apply for a place on the dinner table but it is also possible to have your own, preorganized private dinner with your friends only.

The experience at Repeta Lakásétterem

Upfront, the place is run by an old colleague of mine who inherited the flat from his grandfather. We were a group of 6 adults and some children to attend one of the private dinner, which we have booked few days before, starting at 4 in the afternoon and lasting till around 8 in the evening. So we came to Repeta Lakásétterem which is located in downtown Budapest on Károly Krt. right next to the Synagogue. The flat gives a 20th century feeling as it is also described on the website. You come to somebodys home, sit on their dinner table, your kids are playing in the room next door and it feels just familiar. There is no extra decoration for guests or which would remind you of a restaurant, it is just the flat as it has been when somebody lived in there even including old family pictures. Amazing.

The food at Repeta Lakásétterem was a 7 course dinner consisting of 4 starters, 2 main dishes and a dessert all small enough portioned to finish them but all together more than enough to get your belly filled up. As starters there has been served:

  • Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and Rocket salad
  • Grilled mushroom stuffed with goat cheese
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Dips with bread

The 2 main dishes have been:

  • Salmon with home made pasta and spinach
  • Chicken skewer with peanut cream and rice

And the dessert was

  • Mousse au Chocolate with strawberries

Sounds like a good lineup? All the food was completed with drinks of course including wine, Pálinka, water, lemonade and so on. And it was all served on tremendously expensive Herend porcelan and silver cover which I strongly doubt you will get in a normal restaurant around the corner.

Salmon Home Made Pasta Spinach

Salmon Home Made Pasta Spinach

In total we have been served by 2 people, my former colleague and his wife, for 4 hours (without the time for shopping and washing the dishes!) they were standing in the kitchen cooking, decorating, serving us because they like to do it, not because they make a living from it. Unfortunately I am not able to tell you how much that entire evening was because it has been a birthday present for me but in case you are interested contact them and ask for a quote. It is possible to book for up to 12 persons.


This has really been one of the greatest experiences I had in my time since I write about restaurants in Budapest on as it is such a unique and fascinating idea to sit in a familiar environment and eat food from somebody who does that not (only) for the money but because he likes to cook and host people. Not only I know the people behind it really has been a great evening with excellent food and a priceless atmosphere. If you have a small happening such as birthday or even a business dinner I can just recommend you to give them a call or write an email and try it out!

Repeta Lakásétterem Information
Károly Krt., 1075 Budapest
Tel: +36209229432
For the email address, more information and impressions please visit the Website.

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