Kőleves (stone soup) in Budapest is a very good Jewish restaurant in the center of Budapest. Budapest is famously known for its numerous ruin pubs. Amid the several you can find walking along the streets of Budapest, there is still a list of the top most visited ones. One of them being Kőleves kert, which in English it is literally translated to stone soup. This place offers a nice, outdoor, relaxed vibe. The scenery of this bar looks as if it was taken out of a beach bar somewhere in Thailand, you can just imagine sitting at this bar with the view of the ocean in front of you, nice to imagine! The bar is decorated with bright colored chairs and pebble stones, with a very earthy feel to it.

The crowd is usually university students and locals, and is opened during the summer up until it is no longer warm enough to be outside. Located in the 7th district, its is great for the resident people surrounding the area, with several other bars in its vicinity.

This place doesn’t offer a dance offer, but it has a very cool vibe, a place people like to go to wind down and enjoy the company of others while sitting outside under the stars, blankets are even provided when it starts to get colder. It is closed during the cold seasons, and usually opens up during May, when it begins to get warmer. When it is the warm seasons, it is open everyday, from noon to about 2am. Prices are great, similar to the surrounding locations. If you’re looking for an underground secret to Budapest, Koleves kert is a definite stop on your journey through Budapest, offering a great atmosphere and drinks!

The place itself is really nice decorated with pictures and little specialties all over the place. The menu sounds really tasty and the food is as well. I had a goose leg with mashed potatoes and red cabbage which was really good. Additionally you find a lot of chicken dishes on the menu, good desserts and starters such as soups and cold starters. The staff is absolutely friendly and the pricing is I would say average. All in all the restaurant Kőleves is a recommendable place for a good dinner out. 

Kőleves Information

Address: Corner of Dob utca and Kazinczy utca, Budapest
Reservations: +36 20 213 5999
Or visit the Kőleves website

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