Földes Józsi Vendéglöje

Oct 2, 2013 0

Földes Józsi Vendéglöje is a small hidden restaurant on Buda side in the 2nd district not far away from Margaret bridge. This typical Hungarian restaurant just by the interior does not really look inviting as the chairs and table remind of communist times and are outdated by any means. However I had the chance to visit the Földes Józsi on a company event as it can host large sized groups and I was positively surprised by the quality of food. As a appetizer there was plate of typical Hungarian cold cuts such as sausage (Kolbász), ham, different creams, tepertő cheese... ...

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Zeller Bistro

Sep 10, 2013 0

Zeller Bistro is the top rated restaurant in Budapest according to TripAdvisor (what effect that has I will discuss later in the article) so I thought I will give it a try. Located in Izabella utca (Between Oktogon and Heroes’ Square) in the 7th district Zeller is not too far off the track and can be reached easily from the city center. The little family run restaurant is situated in the cellar of a normal apartment house and offers a refreshing, modernized Hungarian menu. Away from Goulash Soup and Pörkölt Zeller is driving more in a modern direction using fresh... ...

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M Restaurant Budapest

Mar 4, 2013 0

M Restaurant in Budapest is a small but very stylish eatery near Oktogon in downtown with a small but wisely chosen menu of excellent food. Passing by the location M restaurant would not really catch your eye and even if you would recognize it from outside it rather looks like a little, cheap bar with a few tables and chairs. There are more tables upstairs which you cannot really see from outside so in total M can hold something like 30 people and it would be packed. This all sounds not too interesting but once you check the menu which... ...

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Attention Burger Fans: Magic Burger is your place

Nov 30, 2012 0

In case you like Burgers and Hot Dogs you don’t need to search further for the best Burger in Budapest, Magic Burger is your destination to the ultimate American fast food experience. A bit of New York style stand feeling in the middle of the city. Seeing the place you would never guess that this quality of food comes from there but this is just another proof that the outside says nothing about the quality. But from the beginning. Magic Burger is around quite long already, according to their blog they started in October 2010 so almost exactly 2 years... ...

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Zakuszka (Paprika Spread)

Sep 25, 2012 0

Zakuszka is a roasted paprika (pepper) based spread that is extremely popular in Romania but also you can find it in many fridges in Hungary. Next to the roasted paprika as a main ingredient there are onions, carrots and tomato puree, additionally some put beans or aubergine in it as well. It is comparable with the Serbian, Croatian Ajvar. But compared to Ajvar which is mainly eaten next to meat, Zakuszka is only eaten with bread. The word Zakuszka comes from the Slavic language and means “appetizer” or “snack”. To make Zakuszka you boil all the ingredients for around 4... ...

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10 Best Restaurants in Budapest

Sep 24, 2012 0

Restaurants are always a matter of taste and of course what type of cuisine you would like to eat at the moment. So I collected a good choice of different cultures for you to select from. I have visited all of the blow restaurants at least once but most of them several times and the review or recommendation is honest and according to my taste. My Top 10 Restaurants in Budapest 1. Restaurant Chez Daniel Calm, romantic and very good French food. That’s how I would describe Chez Daniel in one sentence. You get a bit of a French feeling... ...

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Paprika Vendéglő Budapest

Sep 12, 2012 0

Paprika Vendéglő in Budapest is a restaurant offering traditional, hearty Hungarian dishes in oversize. From traditional gulyásleves (Goulash Soup) to Pörkölt and family sized meat dishes you can find anything that foreigners would like to try. Not only the meals are traditional Hungarian but also the interior is kept in a countryside farm house style which reminds of the Puszta and horse riding men popping in to grab a bite and some Pálinka. Lets get back to reality and the food in Paprika Vendéglő, meaning restaurant or Inn, which is as many people think Hungarian food is like, greasy. First... ...

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Mókus Sörkert Budapest

Sep 7, 2012 0

Mókus Sörkert in Budapest is a small Hungarian restaurant in Budapest located in the 3rd district close to Árpád bridge and the Danube. I go there mainly for lunch time when they offer a reasonable menu (soup + main course) for a fair price but I can imagine that a regular lunch or dinner a la carte is nice as well. The offered food is very good and especially the soups are tasty. In Mókus Kert you get traditional Hungarian cuisine such as Hortobágyi Palacsinta (no, not the sweet pencake but stuffed with meet), all kinds of delicious soups, the... ...

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Riso Ristorante Budapest

Aug 31, 2012 0

In case you are a fan of Risotto than Riso in Budapest is the best place for you to go to. The Risottos are superb, not over or under cooked as they sometimes are and prepared very creatively. Ristorante Riso is located on the Buda Hill right in front of where the castle district starts and with the nice terrace a great place to enjoy your dinner. Inside as well as outside the interior and decoration is very well organized and beautiful for example you can read the menu as well as ingredients and sometimes cooking instructions on the wall... ...

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Hooters Budapest

Aug 24, 2012 0

For those of you who do not know what Hooters is, it is an American food chain offering typical American food but in a let’s call it sexy way. All waitresses here are dressed up in short and tight Hooters uniforms and usually are very pretty. So far for the Hooters philosophy. Hooter in Budapest opened up recently and offers “Juicy Burgers and Ice Cold Beer” mixed with the beauty of Hungarian Girls serving you at your table. The menu consist of the stereotype American food such as buffalo wings, onion rings, burgers and “French Fries”. All that paired with... ...

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