10 Best Restaurants in Budapest

Sep 24, 2012 0

Restaurants are always a matter of taste and of course what type of cuisine you would like to eat at the moment. So I collected a good choice of different cultures for you to select from. I have visited all of the blow restaurants at least once but most of them several times and the review or recommendation is honest and according to my taste. My Top 10 Restaurants in Budapest 1. Restaurant Chez Daniel Calm, romantic and very good French food. That’s how I would describe Chez Daniel in one sentence. You get a bit of a French feeling... ...

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Repeta Lakásétterem (Home Restaurant) – A fascinating idea

Mar 5, 2012 0

Last weekend I had the chance unique to visit a so called Lakásétterem for the first time in my life named Repeta Lakásétterem. Translated to English Lakásétterem means Home Restaurant. But before jumping into the menu or the experience overall I would like to tell you what exactly a Home Restaurant is. What is a Lakásétterem / Home Restaurant? Imagine you are invited to a friends home and get a fantastic 7 course menu served in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. That is how I would describe a home restaurant in one sentence. So basically the flat or apartment of... ...

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Liszt Ferenc Tér Budapest

Jan 15, 2009 0

Liszt Ferenc tér in Budapest is a square full of bars and restaurants. Many foreigners like to come here and have a drink or go for a party. In the summertime it is possible to sit outside and enjoy the day or night. Usually on the weekends many people come to Liszt Ferenc tér to have a coffee during the day or a decent lunch. In the night time Liszt Ferenc tér becomes the bar and club place. One bar next to the other and for the people who want to dine out there are always some good dishes left.... ...

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