Wine Tasting in Eger with Start in Budapest

Sep 7, 2015 0

Enjoy the beautiful wine region of Eger with its classy wines and beautiful landscape. You will visit the Basilica and a 16th-century castle which is visible from almost everywhere in the beutiful town of Eger. The heart is the view of traditional wine cellars in Eger including a three-course restaurant lunch before tasting five wonderful wines from the region Eger in a local and private wine cellar. Eger is a wine region that is underestimated and not well known due to the famous Tokaj wine region which is not far away but the wines are very good and tasty so this tour will give you an insight and of course you will have the chance to boy some wines for home. Included in the Tour : Guided excursion to the wine region of Eger Admission to the Basilica and castle Three-course lunch with wine Tasting of five local wines Commentary ...

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Restaurant Ramenka

Aug 31, 2015 0

Ramenka is a small but stylish and good restaurant in the Jewish quarter focussing on serving superb Ramen – a Japanese noodle soup. If you are looking for other food then Ramen you better go and choose another restaurant as Ramenka solely serves soup except from a few side dishes. Nevertheless if you want to eat a fabolous Ramen Ramenka is your place to go to. Located just across the famous ruin pub Szimpla kert Ramenka has a top location with tons of people passing by. The restaurant is very minimal and fairly small so you don’t want to go there to have a romntic candle light dinner with your partner but rather get a quick but awesome soup on a Saturday afteroon before you pop in the city. With only a few places in the restaurant you need to plan some time for waiting to be seated but once ...

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Trófea Grill Restaurant

Aug 28, 2015 0

Das Trófea Grill Restaurant in Budapest ist eine Top Adresse speziell wenn es um all-you-can-eat geht. Frisch zubereitetes Fleisch, eine große Auswahl an Beilagen sowie Vor- und Nachspeisen soweit das Auge reicht. Das Konzept ist relativ einfach: Für ca. 6.000 Forint kann in der Mittags- bzw. Abendessenszeit soviel gegessen werden wie man möchte bzw. kann. Ein klassisches All-you-can-eat Angebot, allerdings mit einer gewaltigen Auswahl an fertigen und noch zu machenden Gerichten. Das Herzstück ist sicherlich die Auswahl an verschiedenen Fleischsorten (keine Sorge es gibt auch Fisch) wie Hühnchen, Schwein und auch gute Stücke vom Rind, letzteres aber nur in geringer Stückzahl also früh kommen. Auch Gemüse und Shrimps können gewählt werden. Man nimmt sich also einen Teller, füllt ihn mit dem Fleisch was man gerne möchte und übergibt es dem Grillmeister der es dann vor den eigenen Augen brät so wie man es gerne hätte. Neben der Auswahl an Grillfleisch ...

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Trófea Grill Restaurant

Aug 26, 2015 0

Trófea is an all you can eat restaurant chain all over the city including currently 6 restaurants. Mainly being a grill or barbeque restaurant in Trófea you can choose the meat yourself out of the fridge and give it to the grill master who then freshly prepares it for you in front of your eyes. But that is not all, you also get fresh salads, grilled vegetables or fish, other dishes such as stews and of course a large variety of side dishes and desserts. In a nutshell that is it but the variety of food is just endless with mainly typical Hungarian dishes such as soups, pickles or stews but you can also have BBQ chicken wings or other dishes from all over the world. The heart obviously is the grill where you pick your meat and it is being grilled freshly for you. Sometimes if you get in ...

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Jamie’s Italian Budapest

Aug 1, 2015 1

NOTE: If there is any joke made about Hungary and hungry I’ll be very very disappointed and delete this post! Jamie’s Italian in Budapest is going to open up in Spring 2016! What can you expect in the Jamie Oliver Restaurant in Budapest? Jamie Oliver without a doubt is one of the best chefs around the globe and for sure the best known TV chef. But this doesn’t make a great restaurant yet. Browsing through the web and checking independent reviews about the existing Jamie’s Italian in the UK are not as good as the name might be. “What a disappointment – Mr Oliver cashing out” “Disappointing!” “bad, bad, bad” These are just a few reviews that I have found but of course you have good ones as well. And yes, the positive reviews are many more than the negative. But 132 “Terrible” and 203 “Poor” reviews do speak a ...

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Die VakVarjú Restaurants

Jul 31, 2015 0

Das Restaurant VakVarjú in Budapest, bzw eher die 4 Restaurants, ist meines Erachtens nach eine der besten Anlaufstellen für gutes Essen zu fairen Preisen. Ein international ausgerichtetes Konzept mit Speisen die exzellent schmecken und auch satt machen. Das alles sogar mitten in der Innenstadt wo Preise normalerweise überdurchschnittlich sind. Auch das VakVarjú ist sicherlich nicht die billigste Adresse in der Stadt aber für die Leistung absolut vertretbar. Im VakVarjú in Budapest gibt es von Suppen und Vorspeisen über deftige Hauptgerichte sowie leichte Köstlichkeiten und Nachtisch alles was das Herz begehrt und der Magen mag. Hier können Sie typisch ungarische Gerichte ausprobieren wie zum Beispiel die Gänseleber aber auch guten Lachs mit Salat haben. Die Auswahl ist ausreichend, aber nicht unübersichtlich. Ein paar Worte noch zum Restaurant an sich, es ist stilvoll eingerichtet mit kleinen Feinheiten an allen Ecken und Enden. Service und Personal ist schnell und hilfsbereit, also gibt es ...

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Vegan Restaurants in Budapest

Jul 31, 2015 2

Finding true vegan restaurants in Budapest is not too hard as this is a very vegan friendly city and once you have a look around you will be able to chose from several great vegan restaurants. I myself am not vegan so it took me some research to find them online but now I have gathered a nice little list of 100% vegan restaurants. No restaurants that seel 95 meat dishes and 1 salad which is vegan but these restaurants are exactly what you are looking for. Vegan, creative and in Budapest. List of Vegan Restaurants in Budapest Vega City Vega City is located in the heart of Budapest between Astoria and Kalvin tér. They offer daily different dishes from hearty dishes including cabbage and dumplings to more exotic food with coconut and curry. Web: Nemsüti Nemsüti is near Margaret Bridge on Pest side and offer weekly menus including ...

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New York Bagel Budapest

Jul 28, 2015 0

New York Bagel is a place to grab a quick breakfast before heading to work located in the 13th district on Vaci út. Located next to massive office buildings with thousands of workers commuting by every day New York Bagel has a perfect location for the right customers. The little shop is not much more than a sales desk and a small bakery because the bagels are baked in store. A small selection of bagels to not over do it and your breakfast is ready to go. You can choose between 8 bagels including the superb “Tuna Melt” with Tuna and melted cheese or the “Manhatten” with Ham & Cheese. You can also get a classic with cream cheese and salmon, a vegetarian bagel or a hearty barbeque. All bagels in New York Bagel are well topped so you never have the feeling to just eat the bagel but you ...

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Karaván – The Street Food Plaza

Jul 27, 2015 0

Karaván in Budapest is taking advantage of the increasing popularity of food trucks in Budapest (yes, there is already a festival for it). A small lot in Budapest downtown where a building used to be but got demolished functions as a parking place for several street food artists serving classy food before, during or after your party in the nightlife of Budapest. It is a wild mixture of tasts, all independent serving the food they know the best and all of it is really tasty. Trucks include the famous Parázs Presszó serving Thai food, the new invention Kolbice a bun stuffed with Hungarian sausages and sauces, a place selling all things deep fried, a Lángos truck and of course you can get warm and cold drinks as well. All this combined with a great atmosphere in the middle on Budapest and the romance of ruins as know from the famous ...

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Hai Nam Pho Bistro

Feb 4, 2015 0

Hai Nam Pho Bistro bistro is a small, simple yet fantastic Vietnamese restaurant on Buda side. From outside it looks like one of these fastfood Chinese restaurants that you find at every second corner in Budapest ans also from inside it looks fairly unspectacular. Nevertheless you will leave Hai Nam Pho Bistro with the will to come back to eat one of the Phos (Vietnamese soups) or any other dish. For me a good sign about originality and quality of the food is when people from that particular country sit in a retaurant and that is the case here. The menu is relatively small which makes the choice easy. It consists half of Phos and the other half of meat and vergetable dishes that you can order with rice or noodles. A Pho is traditionally a beaf broth made of bones with slices of beef in it as well as ...

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