M Restaurant Budapest

Mar 4, 2013 0

M Restaurant in Budapest is a small but very stylish eatery near Oktogon in downtown with a small but wisely chosen menu of excellent food. Passing by the location M restaurant would not really catch your eye and even if you would recognize it from outside it rather looks like a little, cheap bar with a few tables and chairs. There are more tables upstairs which you cannot really see from outside so in total M can hold something like 30 people and it would be packed. This all sounds not too interesting but once you check the menu which... ...

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Indian Restaurant Indigo in Budapest

Jan 4, 2012 0

Indigo in Budapest is an Indian restaurant offering really a massive variety of Indian dishes with a very nice flair and a cool location. They state on the website that “Indigo Indian restaurant opened in december 2005 with a vision of providing authentic indian flavours in a relaxing atmosphere” which is partly true, the flavours are great and authentic, though the atmosphere is a bit busy and somehow typical Hungarian so for me it was not really a relaxing experience. However the food, and they offer a lot, was great and the portions rich so there is nothing to complain... ...

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Hathi Indiai Kifőzde

Dec 23, 2010 0

The best Indian restaurant in Budapest For now: Hathi is the best Indian restaurant in Budapest, most probably even the best I have ever been to. The Hathi Indiai Kifőzde is rather a lunch place than a proper restaurant, so if you expect wine glasses on the table or dressed up waiters serving you, you better go somewhere else. The word Kifőzde in Hungarian describes a place where you get prepared food from a pot and not a freshly cooked dish. In Hathi you are even served on plastic plates and plastic forks so it is a real “grab your... ...

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*CLOSED* Bombay Express

Oct 8, 2009 0

Restaurant Bombay Express in Budapest is located in one of the hottest spots in the city on Ándrassy út right at Oktogon and Liszt Ferenc Tér. As the name says you get offered Indian food as well as drinks and imported spices and herbs. Bombay Express is kind of a fast food restaurant since most of the food is prepared and offered in buffet like pots. Nevertheless the Bombay Express is a very good choice when it comes to Indian food and the choice is not too bad. ...

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Arriba Taqueria – Mexican Fast Food

Sep 10, 2009 0

Arriba is a more or less fast food Mexican restaurant in Budapest which serves very good tasting and quality food within minutes. Located between Oktogon and Nyugati Trainstation on Teréz Körút Arriba is in the city center and you can reach the restaurant from nearly any place very fast. The menu is not too large but through the choice of the preparation method you have many possibilities. The menu is built up like a matrix so that you can choose between Burrito, Quesadilla and Taco with different fillings and toppings like sliced pork, chicken, beef, Chorizo, vegetarian and so on.... ...

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Két Szerecsen Budapest

Sep 7, 2009 0

Good Food with Tradition Until recently I haven’t heart anyything about the restuarant Két Szerecsen in Budapest. It is located in the city center, near Andrássy út and Nagymező utca. At first I thought it is a simple café serving coffee, tea and cakes but it is not only. Két Szerecsen has a very good kitchen, and when I say very good, I mean very good. The menu is not too long and the food to choose from is special but what you get served is just amazing. ...

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Restaurant Székelykapu Budapest

Sep 7, 2009 0

Wanna be Transilvanian As I know quite a bit about Transilvania and especially about the food and drinks there I went into restaurant Széklykapu in Budapest with high expectations. Additionally the dinner was organised by a Transilvanian so I was totally happy about going there to have a nice dinner with some nice Pálinka. ...

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Apr 30, 2009 0

Football, beer and girls! Becketts is a well known place for live football in Budapest. Specially English Premier League is shown in Becketts but als the Bundesliga, Seria A and Primera Division. Next to football Becketts offers like many other Pubs pints of beer, food and English pub atmosphere. For football you have the best atmosphere in Becketts.  ...

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Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant in Budapest

Apr 27, 2009 0

Mongolian Barbecue! Restaurant Mongolian Barbecue Budapest is a restaurant which is quiet amazing. The system is that you re actually not ordering your food but yu go to some kind of buffet, take out the meat you would like to have and bring it to the barbeque guys who fry it for you. During the frying you can choose your side dishes and after pick up your fresh fried meat. ...

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Paulaner Brauhaus Budapest

Apr 24, 2009 0

German food in Budapest! Paulaner Brauhaus (Engl.: brewery, Hun.: Sörház) Budapest is on top floor of MOM Park Shopping center. The restaurant is very big and offers enough space for big groups of people, parties or just a two person dinner. The menu in Paulaner Brauhaus consists mostly of traditional German food like “Haxe, Schnitzel or sausages”. To stay in German tradition of course the beer is not missing. ...

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