What do you learn during this tour?

  • To look for touching details
  • To create good inside photos
  • To make close-ups
  • To control depth of field
  • To edit photos in Instagram or Facebook

Features of this walk:

  • We will walk through the busy city centre
  • Flat surface, no stairs or steep streets
  • Suitable for every experience level, also beginners without photography knowledge
  • Suitable for all types of camera. Smartphone is nice for Instagram conversions, but also has its limitations. Think about shooting in darker situations and creating a blurry background. For these purposes a DSLR is much better. The choice is yours.

Retro is trendy, in Budapest too! And the city is still (and again) packed with retro. Although there were many modernisations in the last decades, you can still find lovely retro elements from the sixties, seventies and eighties. Old buses, metro stations, buildings and details, such as shop windows and billboards, which have come unharmed from the 20th century, all over the place! But in addition you can also visit the famous ruin-pubs, which are completely equipped with furniture, lamps, televisions, computers and toys from the hippie and disco time.

Retro topics are excellent subjects for photography, especially since the arrival of apps like Instagram, which can give your photos a nostalgic touch. To shoot nice retro photos is technically not very difficult, but you need to know the right places to find them. One of the important things is to learn to look, especially when it comes to details, which you can walk past easily.

Many retro photos are close up photos from parts of buidlings or objects, like a door, shop window, chair or lamp. It´s important to come close to the subject or to zoom in, to chose the right depth of field and to set the correct exposure. Shooting in ruin bars is a lot of fun and gives photos a real retro feeling, but it´s not easy: it is often too dark and using flash makes the photos even more awful! During the tour we´ll hand you tips how to cope with these difficult circumstances.

This walk takes place at the Pest side of town, mainly in the Jewish quarter in the city center. There are lots of interesting cafes and shops with older elements. But on the streets you can find retro elements as well, at least when you look closely! At some places it will be up to you to find these exciting close ups. This is a good exercise in learning to look.

This Photo Trip not only teaches you to make retro photos, but is also a nice change if you are tired of Baroque and Gothic buildings and if you want to explore a different part of the city. Moreover, there is always time to stop at one of the trendy bars for a drink.

Images from the Retro Budapest Photo Trip

  • retro5
  • retro1
  • retro2
  • retro3
  • retro4
Meeting point:              Metro station Astória
Meeting time:               Noon, 12 pm
Duration:                      2 – 3 hrs
Length:                        about 3 km

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