Romkert (Hungrian for ruin garden), or as it is originally called Rudas Romkert, is one of the most popular clubs in Budapest at least during the warm summer months. The fully outside ruin club sits on the foot of Gellért Hill directly at Elisabeth Bridge and since years a very well frequented club. The audience is slightly snobbish however over the past years it has become a much more main stream and therefore attracts “normal” people as well.The special thing about Romkert is probably the location where you can see up to Gellért Hill, right next to the Danube and next door to the historical Rudas thermal bath.

The music in Romkert is, as the audience has become, rather main stream and full of chart hits so you will for sure hear the current top 10 chart hits here. Late at night Romkert is absolutely packed it is hard to find your space at the bar or on the dance floor. There is no dress code to get in the club but people here tend to dress up nicely and in the latest fashion. So if you do not want to stand out with your slippers and shorts you better get your shirt out and put some perfume on.

Price-wise Romkert in Budapest is above average for sure so that people are either rich and get drunk or come drunk to the club and just stay drunk. But either way the people are coming here to have fun. I think that this is the case in Romkert so it is a good place to have a party in case you can arrange yourself with the people and the music.

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Adress: Döbrentei tér 9., next to Rudas bath
Visit the Romkert website or the Facebook Page.

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