Former Közgaz in new style!

School Club in Budapest is the former Közgaz Club in Közgaz university. In a complete new design School Club reopened in 2005. By now there is much more space, no seperated dance floors and a much more people. Before the reopening the club seemed not to be full at any day. The audience is more mixed than it used to be. Now the people partying at School Club are students and other young people whereas in Közgaz times the crowd was younger.

Prices for drinks:
Beer starts at 300 HUF
Wine starts at 250 HUF
Shots are around 800 HUF
Champagne between 2200 and 3500 HUF per bottle.

Entrance fee at School Club is 500 HUF for men, ladies entry is free.

Fovám tér 8.
District 9, Budapest
or visit the School Club website

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