If you are running a small business from home but you are missing the collegial environment of an office I have a superb solution for you. A shared office in Budapest. Prices for offices, even though office buildings are built one after the other, are quite high and most of the time not affordable for small business owners. The solution of a shared office is perfect for everybody who wants to get out of his or her home.

Now with Colabs this shared office soltution which is gaining more and more popularity all over the world has opened up in Budapest. In a top spot you can have office space together with others, even meeting rooms and much more. Additionally you can use the internet, printers and much more to feel more like being in your own office.

From 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. (closing hours are very flexible) you can work in an office together with others who like you have a small business but cannot afford, or don’t want to, an own office.You can rent space there for a day or a month and even meeting rooms which are not too expensive.

Colabs is located in district 5 in Budapest so very central, right behind the Parliament on Szabadság Tér. This is the banking and political district of Budapest where many banks and other businesses have their offices. To see some images of colabs’ shared office solution please visit their Flickr account. So if you fancy to work among others instead of your own home go and check it out.

Irányi utca 3.
1056 Budapest
Or visit the Colabs website


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    22nd November 2011

    It doesn’t seems to work anymore, do you have others tips for shared office? Regards

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    22nd November 2011

    Hi Samy,
    it is actually only the English version of the website which is not working anymore. I have changed the link and you can visit it again.

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    8th May 2015

    There are now many new serviced and shared office in the city. This company DBH Group has shared offices and serviced offices in Budapest on the Buda side ( infopark) and Pest side ( 6th district between Astoria and Blaha – Kéthly Anna tér). http://dbh-servicedoffice.com/. Very professional and cheap prices. I use it for 2 years now and very happy!

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