I have just been to Duna Plaza shopping center in Budapest and I was really surprised how empty this shopping center is on a saturday. Unbelievable that the shops in there make any revenue. The problem is clear, Budapest has far too many shopping centers which pop out of the ground like mushrooms. Just recently the new and now the largest Shopping Center in Budapest Arena Plaza opened up. Bigger than West End and any other Shopping center.

So a new shopping center which seems to be more attractiv than the old ones basically takes all customers away and the old shopping centers are just burned out just like Duna Plaza. Now the problem for this is that there is still money from the EU coming over to Hungary for these kind of buildings. Not just shopping centers but also business parks are built one after the other. It might look nice to the outside to have so many and modern shopping centers but for Budapest this is not good. It kills a lot of shops and employments.

Anyways, Budapest is building city with all its constructions. Apartments, business parks, shopping centers. The investments in Budapest are higher then ever because investors love Budapest. You will find constructions everywhere and it seems to be unstopable.

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    Budapest Expat
    31st August 2008

    You are right. They are eating each other. Arean is the newest but does anybody remember “Euro Center” or even “MOM Park”? They are ruined

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