I have been to several Stag weekends in Budapest and it has always been a blast that’s not only what I think but all my mates confirmed that it has been the best Stag party they have been to. Most of them returned to Budapest to party even without the reason of the Stag do.

Budapest compared to Western European capitals is still a cheap place to party and the Hungarians definetly know how to party, especially the beautiful Budapest girls which you will find in any club, bar or on the street. Since cheap flight airlines discovered Budapest as a destination Budapest became a top place for Stag weekends from all over Europe. Also the hotels are fairly cheap and comfortable. So all you eed is the right pubs, clubs, table dance bars and escort services to have a nice weekend with your mates which you will definetly have.

Get your Stag Weekend organised

Stag Girl

Stag Girl

You can either go organise the trip yourself, book a flight and hotel and just live through the weekend with the best places you find or you let a stag company organize your tour for the weekend. Stag Budapest offers a wide range of activities such as carting, gun shooting, paintball, quad and of course a lot of strip club and drinking activities.

Legendary Pub Crawl

Legendary Pub Crawl presents a truly interesting project about a new dimension of nightlife in Budapest. Pub Crawls are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Central Europe. Our Legendary Pub Crawl is unique as it includes its own pub, to be specific it´s a fabulous Champs Sport Pub. The whole tour begins here and subsequently continues to other bars in Budapest. The final stop is a famous dance club and if you´ll come with us it´s a free entry for you. Furthermore, the excellent local tour guides are available throughout the pub tour. When you´re thinking about the best night of your life, Legendary Pub Crawl should be number one on your list.

Budapest Stag activity guide

Lets get started with some nice stag activities in Budapest for your stay. No matter if you just want to party or do sport activities I will give you the best choices to do so. This guide gives you an idea of what activities you can do during the day and at night in Budapest for the maximum of fun. I live here since 2004 and experienced nearly all of the below activities and can tell you that they are just a good lough and fun. To not bore yourself to death during the day or just booze all day long a good daytime activity is the right thing for you. At night it is about the beer, food and girls in Budapest. You will eat good, drink much and dance with the most beautiful girls you have ever seen.

Daytime Activities

Lets start with the daytime activities that you can do on the weekend here in Budapest. Most of them are exciting and fun some of them are more relaxing if your night out was too hard. Choose whatever you like.

All men love to shoot and feel like real men. Paintball is an adventure every man should have done at least once in his live because it is so much fun. It is even more fun if you enjoy a good paintball session with your mates knowing that afterwards you will have a few pints of beer, girls dancing around you or just partying in Budapest, one of the hottest party places in Europe. Paintball is a very popular and spectacular Stag activity.
Shooting action activity
Close to paintball but this time with real ammo but luckily not shooting at your mates the shooting activity is a real blast. No matter if shotgun, Magnum or Glock you can shoot whatever you want. The Shooting session includes several caliber guns including shotgun. You will shoot on prepared targets on a shooting range with guidance. The sound and feeling of shooting with such guns is just amazing and an incredible experience.
Trabant ralley
Well you car might be more powerful and more comfortable but a real Tranbant has some nostalgic feeling. You can rent Trabants in a large group of people and have a city sightseeing a ralley or whatever you want. Trabant tours are the perfect day time activity to relax and see something of the city. In the same time they are fun and don’t take too long. Time enough to have your beer afterwards.
Go Kart Racing
Kart racing is a hilarious funny competition type of activity that everybody enjoys. The karts are easy to handle but have a lot of power so you will not just drive around you will race! You find Go Kart places in Budapest are fairly often thus the activity for a couple of hours is not too expensive. A must do if you like racing activities.
Quad racing
Let’s get dirty here. Go Kart is not the thing for you? Just going round and round is boring? Welcome to Quad racing. Take your Quad through the mud and accross hills hunting your mates down. The ultimate challange and adventure during the day. It is so much fun you don’t want to miss that experience ever in your life. I did it once and I want to do it again!
Not as adventurous as Quad Racing or Paint Ball but fore sure more relaxing. After a hard night out in the pub Budapest Baths are the perfect way to relax your body and prepare for the next night out. Budapest is rich in natural springs and offers a lot of possibilities to bath. Honestly who has been in Budapest should have visited one of the baths but if you don’t on a stag night it is no problem.
Segway Tours
Not as spectacular as Quad or Go Kart but still fun. Segways are these fancy things on 2 wheels where you give the direction by leaning your body forward or backwards. I have never done it but it looks quite cool even though probably not more exiting than a bike or something else that moves. If you fancy learning how to do the Sedway give it a try.
Danube River Booze Cruise
Fancy having some sightseeing in Budapest while having a glass of beer? Here you go. A Danube cruise is one of my most recommended sightseeing tours for Budapest. Whilst having a pint with your mates it is even more fun. The tours range from 2 hours up to half a day with loads of beer. It is relaxing and informational at the same time and you can see it as a warm up for the night out.
Newly opened Aquaworld in Budapest offers tons of possibilities for water fun such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling and much more. But you can also see the barbeque place, have a steak and a nice beer with it. Aquaworld is one of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe. Super plus is that you already can go hunting for girls who are very attractive in Budapest and especially in bikini.

Nighttime Activities

The nighttime activities in Budapest are the really interesting part of your stag weekend. The Budapest nightlife is suppposed to be one of the best in Europe with its massive, crowded clubs an parties longer than the sun is down. Check out some nice nighttime activities for Budapest to round up your stay.Lets get the party started with the night time activities. I will recommend some restaurants to go out for a dinner, some bars to get boozed up, some clubs to go dancing and checking out some girls and for the left over I will recommend some night clubs for you to get your lab treated well.

Eating out

To eat out I recommend to you to read my top 5 restaurants in Budapest first of all which are really good fair priced restaurants. But as you come in a big group of hungry men lets take some other restaurants to feed you up.

To get you really stuffed in a very good atmosphere I always recommend to go to Sir Lancelot in Budapest. I have never been there but heart only good things about it. It is a type of medieval restaurant where your big peaces of meat with your hands and get wine and beer out of massive glasses. It is a real entertainment restaurant and perfect for stag nights.

Another restaurant I can recommend is the Mongolian Barbeque restaurant. It is not really nice designed or high end interior but the food is just amazing. You grab your peaces of meaet you want, bring it to the barbeque master and he will fix it for you. The resturant is all you can eat with tons of side dishes and of course large drinks. It is perfect for big groups as not everybody has to wait for his food. You just go to the barbeque and get you meat fried.

Drinking out
Let’s go drinking now. I know where to drink and where to have maximum fun in Budapest since I have been out for party quite often, sometimes drank too much and dance all night so trust my recommendations. Of course you can read my recommendations as well for bars in Budapest but I try to put together some bars and places to have drinks. Quite famous among stags is the Liszt Ferenc square which is in the heart of Budapest between Deak square and Hero square. You can find one bar after another here and just choose the one you like most. They are a lot of different types of bars like an Indian one, a Hungarian one and so one. The prices there are fair even though a bit above average but still cheap compared to any other country in Western Europe. If you want to go out to a British Pub there are 2 pubs I recommend to you. Caladonian, a small but familiar and nice Scottish pub where you can watch football, cricket and rugby. The other one is the most famous expat and stag pub in Budapest, the Becketts. Even though sometimes full of wankers you can have loads of fun with your group there, drink and eat Enligsh specialities and also watch live sports on BBC.
Its getting later so lets go out and dance and watch some girls in Budapest’s hottest clubs. I usually recommend clubs which are more type of bar and are not the typical dancing club but for stags I guess I need to recommend the clubs where the hottest babes are running around.
Club Play
Club Play is one of the younger clubs in Budapest but definetly also one of the hottest at the moment. Every weekend there is party through out the night with good music, hot girls and a lot of drinks. Just check out the pictures of girls visiting Club Play and you will go there. Click here. I have never been there but heart a lot of good things about it.
Another hot place to be in Budapest since the girls are hot and the music loud and good. Studio is a massive club which suites tons of people and they have Gogo dancers every night bringing the crowd in party mood. Check out the pictures of Studio. Studio is one of the clubs where Pornstars and models go to, the right place to be on a stag night.

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