You got your notification that you will be studying in Budapest for a semester or more and now you are getting into the planning phase. But how to find a good apartment without knowing anybody in Budapest and not being actually here? 2 easy steps that is all to lead you to your dream apartment in downtown Budapest.

1. Get an Airbnb apartment in Budapest for approximately a week to have the time to check out long term rentals during that time. Airbnb is very easy and uncomplicated to use and with the right apartment not even expensive.
2. Check out long term rentals, flat share and so one and move when you can. Airbnb apartments can be rented for a day only, for a week or as long as you need to so you are very flexible and can stay until you can move into your final apartment! Please also read the article about a popular Apartment Scam hitting Budapest to be prepared!

3 cheap but nice Airbnb apartments in downtown Budapest!

5 sources for long term apartment rentals in Budapest!

Now that you have booked your short term rental you need to go and hunt for an apartment that suits your needs. Central or not? Shared or alone? There are many options and you most likely already have an imagination what it should look like. So you want to get a as large database as possible to choose your new apartment from. So here are 3 websites that give you great results about rentals in Budapest

Real Estate Websites in Hungary

  1. (

Out of these 3 you might find the most useful as it is the English version of, the largest real estate website in Hungary, and it is also available in German under

Real Estate Agents in Hungary

If you are lazy or are not confident with your language skills you might take into account to take a real estate agent who is picking an apartment for you. The process is simple: You will meet with a real estate agent and tell him or her your wishes and imagination of the new apartment and they will check in their database a few properties. You will have a look at the exposé and after choosing one or more you are going for a site visit to check out the actual apartment. Here are a few ideas for real estate in Budapest / HUngary:


Budapest Apartment Groups on Facebook

Another option to find an apartment often directly from the owner are Facebook groups dealing with the issue. So while you are here in your Airbnb apartment or even still in your home country you can join these groups and check out the posts. But be aware here are a lot of owners who think that they can charge higher rental fees because you are a foreigner. So in either case please get an idea how much a rental in Budapest is. Here are some Facebook groups with a decent amount of members.

  1. Budapest, Hungary Apartment Rentals
  2. Budapest Apartments for CEU Students
  3. Best Budapest rental Apartments
  4. Apartments / Roommates in Budapest
  5. Budapest Apartment Lets

So keeping the few points above in mind, renting a short term room or apartment and than go for a long term apartment hunt via websites, agents and Facebook I am sure you will find a great apartment or room here in Budapest. Good luck!

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    10th December 2017

    I am looking for a longterm rental appartment/room in Budapest. Max.€ 1800.- anually. It could be more, provided stated in Sideletter limited usage e.g. 6 month or not in high season resulting max 1,800.- p.a. in monthly payments.


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