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Many universities around the world offer to study a semester or year abroad in Budapest. In Budapest you find top universities for every subject such as the technical university or business studies are well developed in Budapest. Next to the studies in Budapest you will not be bored due to the great nightlife, the amazing city and the firendly people around here. I want to introduce you some universities that offer to study abroad in Budapest. Of course we cannot list all so go to your university office and check if one of the Budapest universities is on the list.
I receive a lot of emails from students around the world who drop me a line and even thank me for the great service I provide. So I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for all of you as well who keep this project alive. I do this because I love the city and I want to prevent people from getting ripped off here and leave with a bad souvenir. So read the site, tell your friends and family about it and enjoy your stay in Budapest or Hungary. If you are a student from some other university around the world and you were in Budapest, feel free to share your information with me.
One great source of information for students, especially those interested in medicine and medical studies should have a look at you will find a lot of necessary information on that website.

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