Szentendre is a really nice destination for a day trip. Right next to the Danube in the north of Budapest you find the small viallage Szentendre which is year by year visited by thousands of tourists from all around the world. It is a very good place to get out of Budapest and enjoy the village life for a day and to see something else than only sights of Budapest. I guess that a trip to Szentendre is best for people who stay in Hungary for a week, if you stay for a weekend only it simply takes too much time.

Szentendre is a small town with many museums, galleries, a very nice old town including castle and of course as it is located next to the Danube it has a nice river side with small cafés, restaurants and bars. But not only the touristic part of the city is very interesting, also it is worth to visit for example the small market which is a bit away from the center but gives a fantastic inside about the realy Hungarian market feeling which is far different from what you experience for example in the Grand Market Hall in Budapest. But as mentioned above there are many museums in Szentendre and for the size of the city there are a lot. Here is a list of Museums in Szentendre:

  • Margit Anna – Imre Ámos Collection
  • Jenő Barcsay Collection
  • Béla Czóbel Museum
  • Károly Ferenczy Museum
  • János Kmetty Museum
  • Margit Kovács Ceramic Collection
  • Lajos Vajda Museum
  • Szentendre Gallery
  • Gallery of the Artists’ Colony
  • ArtMill

There is a lot more to find out about Szentendre so if you are interested in more details I recommend to you to visit the official website of szentendre under even though it is in Hungarian only. In case you don’t speak Hungarian I recommend the Wikipedia article.

But the best is anyways if you see it yourself so I recommend you a 4 hours sightseeing trip to Szentendre including hotel pickup, coffee, local guide and Danube tour.

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