Szimpla Kert in Budapest is the raw-model of a ruin pub and was probably one of the first of its kind. Over the years Szimpla became increasingly popular, several years ago it was a trendy place for students and alternative people, nowadays it has a place in every Budapest guide as a must-see attraction. On weekends it is packed with tourists, stags and other foreigners but it still has the old ruin flair it had from the beginning. The Szimpla kert (or Szimpla kertmozi, meaning garden cinema, as it is called originally) is a mixture of an open air bar, a club and a cinema. At least in former times alternative and underground movies have been shown here, nowadays the space is needed for more chairs and space to sit.
From the street you almost miss the entrance because it looks like a regular door entrance (watch out for a small yellow sign) but inside it is amazing. You enter the Szimpla kert and stand in front of a massive courtyard which is typical for Budapest. The interior is wildly mixed together with all sorts of chairs, tables and sofas. Every furniture in there is unique and probably taken or used from a second hand market. It looks a little bit run-out but that makes the special Szimpla Kert flair. In the backyard of this old house you find the outside section of Szimpla Kert which is seated as well. If you pass this outside section you come to the kert mozi, the cinema. The cinema plays alternative movies almost every night.
Most people come to Szimpla Kert to have a beer or wine. The prices are still cheap even though over the years with increasing popularity the prices have been raised.
Szimpla was one of the places I used to go to when I came to Budapest the first time because it is always full of people who are ready to get in touch with others and also I like this atmosphere there. So for expats it is for sure a place to go to even though you will mainly meet up with other expats or tourists.

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Further Szimpla Kert Information

Adress: Kazinczy utca 14
Visit the Szimpla Kert website or like them on Facebook.

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