Update of the Budapest Taxi industry on 1. September 2013

Since the first of September 2013 there has been a unified and easier pricing system affecting ALL taxi companies in Budapest. From that day all taxi companies in Budapest have to use the following price structure:

  • 450 HUF Base fee
  • 280 HUF per km
  • 70 HUF per waiting minute (in case you order a taxi)

The prices before 1. of September 2013 where very dependent on the tax company first of all and also if you call a taxi or get it from the street. All these arguments do not influence the price anymore. Furthermore there are no more company discounts (which large companies were granted for using a certain taxi company) nor fixed tariffs such as airport transfer. The state believes that this makes the taxi landscape in Budapest more transparent and fair. I agree with the transparent but the kilometer prices have gone up dramatically. In my case a ride to the airport will be at least double the price than it used to be before.
In addition to the pricing there are some other regulations affecting the companies and taxi drivers in Budapest as well such as that every taxi needs to be equipped with an air condition which has to be used in summer, all taxi drivers need to accept credit cards and on top of that the coloring of all taxis will be unique (yellow, a bit New York style).

These changes actually boil the taxi industry down to the service they offer such as friendliness of the drivers and dispatchers and speed of the taxi arriving to the place you call it. In general this is not bad however it will also most probably kills a few smaller taxi companies in Budapest and divide the market among a few large companies.
An unanswered question still is the famous taxi scam in Budapest – especially at the airport – which is trying to grab uninformed tourists and business travelers to make them pay enormous fees that are not fair. I am sure and would even place a bet that the scam will not disappear.

Below you find the original article including a list of reliable taxi companies in Budapest and a few experiences with taxi services.

Taxis are the best way to get from A to B in Budapest as they are quite cheap and you don’t have to worry which way to go. Nevertheless there are many taxi companies trying to ripp tourists off and make some extra money. phenomenon which I haven’t seen anywhere else is that the taxi is cheaper if you call it by phone than if you catch it on the street or let the hotel call it. Also pay attention on where the taxi driver is going with you as some try to cheat and take longer ways to earn more money but that is usually not the case. Therefore it is useful to always have the number of your favorite taxi company with you just in case you need a taxi. The companies listed below are all reliable and speak English so you can choose which ever sounds best to you.

6×6 Taxi Budapest!
6×6 Taxi in Budapest is a reliable taxi company with mostly English speaking drivers. The main advantage is that these drivers never try to ripp you off or fool you. It is also the taxi company of my choice.
Tel.: +36 1 2666666
Your Taxi company here!
Are you working for a taxi company? You have now the chance to advertise your company right in this place which you read now. Thats the best chance to get many foreign customers for low investment. Contact now.
Contact me now!
City Taxi+36 1 2111111
Radio Taxi+36 1 3777777
Buda Taxi+36 1 2333333
6×6 Taxi+36 1 2666666
Taxi 2000 Budapest+36 1 2000000
Fő Taxi+36 1 2222222
Budapest Taxi+36 1 4333333


  • Reply
    25th September 2018

    we were picked up at the train station today, south , about 5 pm and taken in a yellow cab to 14 Vorosmary , fare 6853; by mistake gave driver 70000 instead of 7000,… and he just took off and was gone.. our oversight but a thief nonetheless,

    We are wondering who to report to …a very unsettling introduction to our first visit to Budapest.

    • Reply
      BPA Author
      1st October 2018

      Well the only thing that could potentially help is the taxi company. If you still know the number of the taxi call them.
      But honestly I think your money is gone…

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