Köki Terminal Shopping Center Budapest

Köki Terminal Shopping Center Budapest

Köki Terminal Shopping Center in Budapest on the way to Budapest Airport is the next Shopping Center that will be opened. After Allee which was opened not too long ago and also the massive Arena Plaza shopping Center which is not too old there will be the next one now. Since Iam going quite often to the airport I see Köki Shopping Center developing step by step and I have to say it seems to be massive (accoring to unconfirmed information it will 65.000 square meter). It feels like ages passing it by taxi and it is also at least 4 levels high. So in near future you can expect another shopping center with cinema, restaurants and all the typical shops like Zara, H&M, Replay and so on and so on.

The sad thing about it is that not 500m away from Köki Terminal Shopping Center there is already the Euro Center which is not too small as well so I don’t know who should shop that much in this area. The target as I believe is the traffic that is coming from the final stop of Metro line 3 which stops right in front of the Shopping Center but to be honest that cannot be it because on first sight this shopping center is really bigger than all others in Budapest, and as you know once West End has been the biggest Shopping Center in Eastern Europe, than it was Arena Plaza so I would not wonder if Terminal will get the title as soon as it opens its doors.

I have not found an official opening date ora website about Terminal Shopping Center in Budapest but there is a forum which has tons of images posted where you can follow realy well the development of this monster. Go and check it out here. As soon as there are news I will update this article, until than lets just see how it develops.

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