Tesla in Budapest is a relatively new club that has opened its gates in winter 2014/2015. Located in the very popular Jewish district Tesla is mainly a club for dancing but also a bistro or restaurant which is open during the day offering several daily menus. In this review I will only review the club as I haven’t tried the food. So it was a cold winter night and the opening party of Tesla, a high class club in downtown Budapest. As I decided to go there at around midnight my mates and I started to walk there and from the first impression I fancied the club. A nice garden with possibilities to drink and eat something and a club opening up in the background. First shock was at the entrance asking for 3.300 HUF which for a club is already a fairly high price. Once I paid the money and got into the actual club I was asked to put down my jacket as it is not allowed to go in the club with a jacket on. When I responded that I just would like to check out what is going on in there (midnight is still early for party in Budapest and I might have rather stayed outside a bit) I was kindly asked again to give my jacket to the wardrobe which cost another 300 HUF. I declined again and as the lady and a few bigger looking guys were still insisting to put down my jacket I turned around and left.

So the review is not really about the party you can have in the club even though while discussing the issue I heard some fine house tunes pumping out of the club. I had a bad experience no doubt so I cannot really say much about the atmosphere and the party in there but that night I was not satisfied at all so that my first impression is negative. If you have made other experiences and would like to tell them please leave a comment or drop me an email and I will publish them here. Maybe in the future I would visit Tesla again but not in winter when I am fully dressed and need to pay extra for the wardrobe in an already very expensive club.

Tesla Budapest Information

Address: Kazinczy utca 21. / C
Phone: +36 30 519 5922
Website: https://www.facebook.com/teslabudapest
Opening Hours: Tues & Wed 12:00–00:00, Thurs 12:00–02:00, Fri & Sat 12:00–04:00

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