A Thai Massage can really heal your soul and make feel as if you were new born. Sometimes you need to give yourself some time to relax and get refreshed by some strong Thai girls hands. After hard working days I about every second week or so I visit the Paradise Thai Massage Center near MOM Park in Budapest. Don’t get me wrong, this is no paid advertisement or any kind of marketing text I am writing here but it is a recommendation if you feel like getting your bones in the position they belong to and your muscles relaxed.

Nearly everybody who ever had a Thai Massage (everywhere in the world, not just Budapest) wants to go back when in stress or unrelaxed because these well educated girls with their strong fingers just do everything to get you fit again. The massages start at 30 minutes but I recommend to book at least 60 or even 90 minutes for maximum relaxing.
Starting from your toes, feet the girls go over to your legs and body before finishing with your neck and head to make you feel good. The atmosphere in Paradise Thai Massage in Budapest is really nice and quite with a smell and sounds of Thailand which round up a really good experience. If you are looking for an erotic or sex massage in Budapest, you will not find it here.
But you don’t just get Thai Massages but also Oil Massages, Four Hands Massage, Steamed Herbal Massage and so on. Check out the list of massages in Budapest and the prices. In case you would like to inform yourselb more about the different types of Thai Massages, which diseases it can cure and something about the history I recommend you to visit the Thai Massage section on SpaBudapest.net!

Special Offer!

Thai Massage & Gellért Bath Entry Offer!

This special offer is combining a Gellért Bath visit and a Thai Massage (you can choose out of 9 different types) in one program. As a bath visit is probably anyways on your Things to do in Budapest list this offer is perfect for you. Enjoy the historical and romantic Gellért Bath including a professional and fully relaxing Thai Massage in one go.
You can choose between the following massage types:

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Thai Herbal Massage
  • Thai Oil Massage
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage
  • Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage with oil
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Face & Head Massage
  • Grape Seed Oil Massage

Depending on the massage type and length the full programs including the bath entrance cost between 33,93€ and 83,93€.

Types and Prices of a Thai Massage in Budapest

Obviously every massage salon in the city has different prices but to give you a rough estimation you can find here prices for different types and lengths of Thai Massages. The usual times are 30, 60 and 90 minutes however you can get neck or foot massages for example in 15 minutes as well. There are way more massage types than the below listed but these are the most typical ones.


30 min. - 4800 Ft.
60 min. - 7600 Ft.
90 min. - 9100 Ft.
120 min. - 11400 Ft.


30 min. - 5200 Ft.
60 min. - 9200 Ft.
90 min. - 11000 Ft.
120 min. - 13800 Ft.


30 min. - 8500 Ft.
60 min. - 11800 Ft.
90 min. - 13600 Ft.
120 min. - 17000 Ft.


30 min. - 5200 Ft.
60 min. - 9200 Ft.
90 min. - 11000 Ft.


15 min. - 2900 Ft.
30 min. - 4200 Ft.
60 min. - 5700 Ft.
90 min. - 7300 Ft.


45 min. - 6000 Ft.
60 min. - 7000 Ft.
90 min. - 8500 Ft.


15 min. - 3100 Ft.
30 min. - 4800 Ft.


(herbal bath + herbal scrub + massage + herbal mask + herbal lotion)
80 min. - 9500 Ft.


(herbal scrub + Thai oil massage + herbal mask + herbal lotion)
120 min. - 18000 Ft.


(Thai herbs + herbal lotion)
50 min. - 8000 Ft.


(cellulite herbs + cellulite cream)
30 min. - 5900 Ft
60 min. - 10.300 Ft

You also can buy packages of different massages which include different elements of the above programs. It is definetly better to get an appointment in advance espescially in the time after work. If you want to give away a massage as a present you can do it you even get 10% off.

Thai Massage Salon Inforamtion

Address: MOM Park Lakópark building 5
Tel.: (06) 30 245 - 7933
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 - 22.00

To find out more about Thai Massages in Budapest you can visit a website dedicated to Thai Massage called ThaiMassageBudapest.net.


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    25th August 2010

    You wrote: Don’t get me wrong, this is no paid advertisement or any kind of marketing text I am writing, here but…

    Then you list all the services and prices just like in a marketing text…

    Hmmm, please treat readers with some respect rather than telling obvious lies in their faces or give up as you are wasting your time with such posts / this website

    • Reply
      25th August 2010

      Hi “Expat”,

      thanks first of all for your comment but I have to tell you that this really is no paid ad. I reference this massage center because this is the one I go to and so it is the one I can judge. Of course there are other ones (in almost every shopping center is one) but I have never been there and can’t judge their service.
      And sorry for copying the service and price list into the article but there is no other way in expressing it… service is service and amount is amount.

      So for the readers who would like to enjoy a Thai massage I recommend this service because I have been there and I can judge it and found it good to be mentioned, nothing more. No penny received for this.


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    14th March 2015

    I am a big fan of thai massage, i mean the traditional one.
    I try almost all the thai massage parlors in budapest, about 15-20 places. The quality can be really different. My favorite one is: Spirit Thai massage

    This is only my opinion.

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