Since quite some time I am traveling almost weekly by plane and start my trip after the airport transfer by taxi at Ferihegy Airport 2A in Budapest. The flight I usually take is at 07:20 to Warsaw which seems to be the worst time to check-in at the airport as this is the time of business traveling, no matter which day you decide to go. In terminal 2A you have guessed 30 check-in desks and two ways to enter the security check.

It first starts with the check-in which in my case does not take long as I use the quick check-in terminals to get my boarding pass but sometimes I need to drop off my luggage and that’s where the problems start. There is a separate counter for luggage drop of which you are not allowed to use, instead you need to queue with tons of other people who don’t have their boarding pass yet or online online print outs. This is another line than the usual one but still it is long enough to spend there half an hour and who got up at 4.30 to be at the airport by 6.00 knows to value half an hour. So I decided nowadays not to check in any luggage anymore as it simply takes too much time. I mean why the hell do I need to spend my time in a queue just to drop off my suitcase? Pointless.

That was point one where you can spend a massive amount of time at the airport in Budapest but than comes the security check which is simply a mess. You have 2 chances to enter the security check-in and as you can’t see from which side the queue is longer it is a bit of gambling (usually the right entrance is the shorter one). In any other airport I have been to the ticket and passport check before the actual security check is kind of organized but in Budapest it seems like you being in the queue for free beer at a festival. Two ladies trying to check hundreds of passports and boarding passes which in this time is almost impossible. And after you went through that you have to queue again for getting your security treatment but of course only 4 of possible 8 lines are open of which 1 is for priority.

So all in all I spend on a Monday morning up to 1 hour on the airport just for check-in and security check. I am not a logistic specialist or an airport controller but my logic thinking is that people responsible should know at what time how many people approximately want to travel and in this case I open up a few more check-in counters and security check lines. When I go with the flight at 9.30 there are not so long queues of course because fewer people travel but the amount of open counters and security checks are the same so why not increase the number of people for one or two ours in the morning and it would all go much easier. By the way I am not the only one thinking like this, if you check the Foursquare page of the Budapest airport you will find comments like:

Extreme long check-in and security queues (Terminal 2A) at morning departures (flights between 7 and 8 am).

Watch out for security when departing. Its a hellish long line!!

So to be sure you catch your flight and not leave Budapest in stress you should take some time for checkin and security check. Once in there is not much to do wrong, it is a simple, small airport and that’s why I don’t understand how to have so big trouble in organizing a normal checkin.

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