No matter if you are a pub or a stylish bar type of person here you will find a good mix of bars that I like to go to. In these bars I have made my experience and I can guarantee good service, fair prices and good drinks. Some of them even turn into a club late at night but the primary reason they are listed here is because they are the best bars in Budapest. It is just like with restaurants or clubs a matter of taste but still these below listed bars are advisable to go to.

My Top 10 Bars in Budapest

1. Holdudvar
Holdudvar is not just a bar, so it could belong to restaurants or clubs as well but I don´t go there because of the food which is quite average. The reason I love Holdudvar it is on Margit Island and let´s you escape from the city. You won´t hear a car passing, a road construction going on or anything which can disturb a nice evening with a few glasses of beer out in the sun.

2. Urimuri
Urimuri is a fairly new place in Budapest downtown in an absolutely stunning location serving perfectly mixed drinks and of course several types of wine and beer. Later at night, around midnight, Urimuri turns into a club with decent house music and dancing masses on the dance floor. If you search for a good club in the city center have a try at Urimuri.

3. Minyon
Bar Minyon really turned out to be one of the hottest places in the city. During the evening Minyon is a fairly good restaurant with international cuisine but as of 11 o’clock it slowly turns into a massive party place. Waiters start to move away the tables, the front windows will be closed with a movable wall and the entrance is changing to the back door. When the DJ starts his, honestly not too good, sets the entire former restaurant turns into a massive club with gents and beautiful girls dancing all night long.

4. DiVino Wine Bar
For the wine lovers among us here is my top tip for a good glass of wine or two. Divino is situated right next to the famous Basilica in Budapest and in summer time you have the chance to sit outside, have a look at the fantastic, historical building and enjoy your glass of local or foreign wine with friends or family.

5. Caladonia
I am German but I love this Scottish Pub for the friendliness and for the Belhavens Best they serve. A beer with headache guarantee but it tasts great. Caladonia has a lot of traditional Scottish parties, sunday rost and of course different types of Whisky. So if you are from the island and like to have a real pint of Ale I recommend this pub.

6. Bar Instant
Bar Instant is a place which opened up not too long ago. It is much like Szimpla Kert but less known thus less foreigners coming with their Travel Books in hand to have a beer and see the place. Bar Instant also offers a cellar which is used as a club for dancing with, for my taste, not too good music. Nevertheless Bar Instant is the best place to go these days.

7. Szimpla Kert
Well a bit commercial nowadays and always packed to the last seat but the first time I have been in Szimpla Kert I fell in love and honestly can´t let go going there. Szimpla Kert is the embodiment of all “Kert” Pubs in Budapest. Prices are even after several years still fair, you can play Csocso (Table Football), chill in a Trabant or dance in the night.

8. Bar Karma
A bit of a relaxed place with the possibility to eat is Bar Karma on Liszt Ferenc Ter near Oktogon in Budapest. The interior of Karma is some kind of Indian, Goa style and so is the music running in the background. Bar Karma does offer great cocktails for fair prices even though compared to other bars in Budapest still a bit overpriced… well it is Liszt Ferenc Ter the place to be for many locals.

9. A38
In 2012 awarded “greatest bar in the world” by the Lonely Planet A38 cannot be left our of any top list when it comes to bars. Located on a boat which is laying next to Petőfi bridge on the Buda side there is surprisingly much space for a bar, a club and a restaurant. The bar plays all sorts of music throughout the week and offers drinks at fair prices. As the bar is open air you should consider going there in summer time and enjoy the great sight along the Danube.

10. Jelen
Bar Jelen is a small but stylish bar with great drinks and good Serbian food. For the beer lovers you get good offers here but also wine and cocktail or long drink is served so that you have the choice what you are going for. Near Blaha Luiza tér the bar is located in the party center of Budapest close to many pubs, bars and clubs that you can choose from later at night.

These were my 10 recommendations for bars in Budapest but if you have any cool place I might have missed or not yet visited let me know in the comments or a quick mail and I will check it out.

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