Top 10 Clubs in Budapest

Clubs are obviously depending on your music taste but the below list of top 10 clubs contains many music types and also different events are held in these venues serving different tastes week by week. You can find the clubs in all genres on every corner of the city but which ones are the best clubs in Budapest, where to go? Below find my personal Top 10 Clubs in Budapest that I can recommend going to. If you have more to add please feel free to leave a comment or mail me.

My Top 10 Clubs in Budapest

1. Holdudvar
When I first went to Holdudvar it was located in the backyard of Eötvös Loránd university near Astoria. Nowadays Holdudvar is on Margit Island which makes it not less attractive. The flair of the old Holdudvar is missing a bit but the new is fantastic as well. Holdudvar is an open air club so it is just open in summer.

2. Urimuri
Ürimuri is a fairly new club that popped up at the beginning of famous Andrássy ave, later moved to Sas utca and became more popular over the time. These days it is fairly mainstream but the music is great in case you enjoy decent house music. However Urimuri turned a bit snobbish so get ready to be watched at if you drink a simple beer and not some fancy longdrink or champagne mixture. Apart from that on weekends parties are really great at Urimuri.

3. Ötkert
Club Ötkert is one of the most popular clubs in Budapest at the moment and packed week by week so that it is hard to get in at all on weekends and nearly impossible without waiting time. After around 11 at night the entrance queue starts to get longer and longer while the party starts inside so you better be inside or bring some time for waiting. Music wise you find mostly the charts here but the crowd is looking for party so the music is not the primary reason why people come here.

4. Minyon
Bar Minyon really turned out to be one of the hottest places in the city. During the evening Minyon is a fairly good restaurant with international cuisine but as of 11 o’clock it slowly turns into a massive party place. Waiters start to move away the tables, the front windows will be closed with a movable wall and the entrance is changing to the back door. When the DJ starts his, honestly not too good, sets the entire former restaurant tunrs into a massive club with gents and beautiful girls dancing all night long.

5. Szimpla Kert
Szimpla Kert in Budapest is half open air, half inside. Actually it is not a club to dance rather a bar or pub but its flair is unique. In between the old walls of an unused house in the middle of Pest you can hardly find this place. Once you are in there you don’t want to leave anymore.

6. Romkert
Romkert is one of the open air clubs where you don´t want to leave even if daylight is coming up. Good music, awesome location and fair priced drinks make Romkert a perfect club to have a party. As usually in Budapest the girls there are fantastic as well so any Friday or Saturday night in Romkert is a big bang.

7. Trafiq
Similar to Ötkert on place 3 Trafiq became really popular and hard to get into these days. Maybe it is famous a longer time already but it has never been on my radar. Once I went there and had a good time that evening. The music was alright, the crowd was having fun and the drinks were in a fair price quality ratio. Consider yourself lucky when you are in because as I have written in the full review already you need to spend time waiting outside on weekends or come early. Once in you will have a great time.

8. A38
The A38 (Artemovsk 38 – an old military boat) has even been elected the best club in the world by Lonely Planet readers in 2012 which shows that it is know across the borders of Budapest and Hungary. With a very rich and cultural program A38 offers many different genre nights, live acts and open air party possibilities. Inside the boat there is surprisingly much space for concerts and parties. Also A38 is a restaurant which is quite good but not ranging among my personal favorites but in that a bit away from the city center area a good choice for a dinner with good food and fair prices.

9. Ankert
Ankert is a ruib pub but also a great nightlife location with music, party and a lot of drinks. Mainly interesting in summer this open air pub is a great place to meet up, have drinks and enjoy the trendy Budapest nightlife till dawn.

10. Akvárium
Akvárium is the former Gödör Club located in the middle of the city with a large outside area placing chairs on the stairs leading down to the club. In Akvárium you have a monthly changing program of live performances, DJ sets and great music of all different times.


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    December 14, 2012

    hi my name is marco fox and i want work for dj in hungary … i’m music producer and dj …
    you are management ? can i possible work in your club ? send me thanks

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      Budapest Agent Author
      December 17, 2012

      Hi marco,

      I do not own a club nor do I manage one.
      Sorry, I can’t help you with your request.

      Cheers and good luck!

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    January 15, 2016

    Hi fella, I’m part of a 21 strong stag party coming to Budapest in early March, staying in area V, is there anywhere you would recommend and is it worth trying to book a VIP area or drinks package ? also any nice pubs for pre club drinks

    thanks for any help


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    Would 2900euro per month sustain me to live in budapest
    January 26, 2016

    Would 2900euro per month sustain me to live in the Budapest

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