Are you in Budapest for a family trip and would like to give your kids some change to the sightseeing and culture you are having than the below activities for children are a great start to do so. The activities are basically good for kids of all ages.

1. Budapest Zoo

The Budapest Zoo is a great place to spend time with your kids and it is so big that you easily can stay for a day until you have seen every animal or botanical highlight. The Zoo is located in the recreation area of Budapest next to the Amusement Park, the Szechenyi Bath and the Budapest Circus, so it is your choice once you are there.

2. Budapest Circus

The Budapest Circus is as written above as well located in the recreation area of Budapest and open daily with 2 shows, Saturday and Sunday even three. The program is changing from time to time so you will not see things twice if you go twice a year. Kids just love the Circus and especially the clown.

3. Tropicarium Budapest (Campona)

In the Campona Shopping Center in Budapest in the 22nd disctrict the Tropicarium is located which is the biggest indoor aquarium in Central Europe. You can see here all kinds of fishes and other creatures living in or around the water. The highlights for sure are the crocodiles in the artificial rain forest area and the massive aquarium you can go through in a tunnel where the sharks are swimming. Also very popular among kids is the petting area where you can touch rays.

4. Barefoot Park

Not directly in Budapest but around 45 minutes is the so called Barefoot Park which is a collection of different undergrounds you can walk on barefoot of course. Kids love the experience of walking on stones of all sizes, corn, wood and much more. It is a nice outdoor activity program if you have the chance to get there.

5. Children Island (Gyereksziget) Festival

On every weekend in summer there is a festival called Gyerek Sziget taking place on the Óbuda Island in the North of Budapest. Actually it is like a little amusement park with bouncing castles, horse riding, skill games, craftsmen work to see and do yourself and just so much more. Its fresh air, funny and kids simply love it.

These were my 5 tips for activities with kinds in Budapest. What do you like to do with your children? Leave a comment.


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    29th September 2012

    I have heard positive comments about transport museum which can be very interesting for little boys so planning going there soon.
    Another idea is artificial castle complex, which is on our list to visit.

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      Budapest Agent
      29th September 2012

      Hi Forumsky,
      thanks a lot for the comment. I think I have been there once and remember that it was great, never wrote about it though.

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