The Tropicarium in Budapest is the biggest indoor aquarium in Central Europe and is the home of several thousand fishes, reptiles and other animals living under water or in tropical areas around the world. With thousands of visitors week by week the Tropicarium is one of the top indoor attractions of Budapest located in Campona Shopping Center and is especially popular among kids. The highlights are probably the crocodiles and the sharks swimming in a massive aquarium with a tunnel made of glass to have the best view. Though to be honest both of them are fairly boring to watch, the crocodiles are laying around and move very rarely, the sharks are swimming (they have to in order to survive) but it is the same way over and over again. Nevertheless the Tropicarium in Budapest is worth a visit if you are interested in the under water world or if you have kids fascinated by all those creatures.
In my opinion the entrance fee to Tropicarium is a bit expensive with 2.300 HUF for grown ups between 14 and 62 years of age which is something around 9 Euro. Also kids between 4 and 14 still pay 1.600 HUF when going with a grown up makes a trip to Tropicarium an expensive experience. Lets assume 2 grown ups and 2 children go together it makes 7.600 HUF just for the entrance fee which is around 30 Euro. But I guess that families don’t go there every weekend so it is an affordable experience just like the Budapest Zoo or the Budapest Circus.

All in all I think it is a fantastic experience to see all those different animals in one place and its a very memorable experience for your kids. And who doesn’t love to see their kids to be happy and excited.

Images from the Tropicarium in Budapest

  • tropicarium-tunnel
  • tropicarium-crocodile
  • tropicarium-logo
  • tropicarium-nemo
  • tropicarium-shark

Tropicarium Budapest Information:

Entrance fees:
Adults (18-62 years) 2.500 Ft
Children (4-18 years) 1.800 Ft
Retired (above 62 years) 1.800 Ft
Adult Groups (18-62 years) 2.100 Ft per person
Children and pensioner groups (4-18 and over 62 years) 1.600 Ft per person

Opening hours:
Daily from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Nagytétényi út 37-43., 1222 Budapest (Campona Shopping Center)
Phone: +36-1-424-3053
Or visit the Tropicarium website.

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