Túró Rudi is Hungarian culture! There is no Hungarian who does not know Túró Rudi and probably almost nobody who doesn’t like it. It is without any doubt the most popular sweet in Hungary. So what is Túró Rudi? In few words, it is a chocolate bar stuffed with curd. On the image you can see it as an example. Túró Rudi is a 100% Hungarian product and thats probably what people love about it. Once the Hungarian Social Network IWIW has asked its users living abroad what they miss the most while not being in Hungary and Túró Rudi was the most voted because it is not available outside of Hungary. The producing company Pöttyös (only available in Hungarian) tried it some time ago to introduce Túró Rudi outside of Hungary under the name “dotted” but it didn’t work out.

The curd with which Túró Rudi is stuffed is very popular, it is also used for Palacsinta (pencakes), Túrós gombóc (curd balls) and many other sweets, and usually lemon cest and sugar or honey is added to it to make it a bit more tasty. I don’t know the original Túró Rudi receipe but I am sure that there is a bit more sugar inside and probably no real lemon cest used. Anyhow Túró Rudi is simply a pleasure to eat and it really tastes great even though I was really sceptical in the beginning I love it by now and I always have some in my fridge.

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