Finding true vegan restaurants in Budapest is not too hard as this is a very vegan friendly city and once you have a look around you will be able to chose from several great vegan restaurants. I myself am not vegan so it took me some research to find them online but now I have gathered a nice little list of 100% vegan restaurants. No restaurants that seel 95 meat dishes and 1 salad which is vegan but these restaurants are exactly what you are looking for. Vegan, creative and in Budapest.

List of Vegan Restaurants in Budapest

Vega City

Vega City is located in the heart of Budapest between Astoria and Kalvin tér. They offer daily different dishes from hearty dishes including cabbage and dumplings to more exotic food with coconut and curry.


Nemsüti is near Margaret Bridge on Pest side and offer weekly menus including soups, sandwiches, pasta, salads and more.


Kozmosz is in the 6th district of Budapest and they say about themselves “OUR GOAL IS TO SPREAD THE VEGAN LIFESTYLE AND PROVE THAT VEGAN FOOD IS NOT ONLY DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY BUT ALSO DIVERSE, FILLING AND AFFORDABLE.“. Dishes include soups, burgers, tortillas, pasta and a few desserts.

Hummus Bar

Hummus is well know among vegans but also very popular among “meat eaters” so there are a variety of Hummus places in Budapest that opened up in the past years. One I can recommend very much because I have eaten there several times is Hummus Bar. They offer all around Hummus as well as falafel and soups.


This restaurant is located in the more touristy area of Budapest close to Erzsébet bridge on Pest side. Napfényes also tries to put Hungairan flavours into vegan food which is an interesting approach because usually the Hungarian cuisine is fairly meaty.

Édeni Vegán

Burger, salads, desserts, doups? You will all get it here in Édeni Vegán a full vegan restaurant in Budapest near Batthyányi tér on Buda side. It looks really yummi from what I can see on their website so I might give it a try.


The “silent M” as it is called translated is located in downtown Budapest and offers a daily menu with really interesting combinations from Asian style pasta to burgers made of lentil, mushroom patties. Sounds good to me.


A vegan delivery in Budapest is Vegafutá which brings you your daily vegan food to home or your workplace if there is no vegan restaurant around you in Budapest. Goulash soup in vegetarian style? No problem.

Impression of Vegan Restaurants in Budapest

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Do you know any other vegan restaurant in Budapest which you would recommend and that should be added here then leave a quick comment or send me an email.


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    31st July 2015

    Also try Rizsa17, near the corner of Török Pál utca and Ráday. Great lunchtime spot (although good for dinner too, some days they close at 4). Great homecooked vegan, macrobiotic, and gluten free fare.

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      3rd August 2015

      Thanks a lot for the hint!

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