Good bread is something I was missing in Budapest, until now. Villa Bagatelle in Budapest is a bakery, café and home decoration shop in one place. It settled in a big, beautiful villa in the 12th district in Budapest, that why it took the name of Villa Bagatelle. The building is from 1929 when an owner of a pharmacy built a villa in Németvölgyi út for him and his family. Over the years the house has changed owners sometimes and now it became a family business including a superb bakery, the coffee place and a home decoration shop in the top floor. Beautifully renovated and with a very nice garden around Villa Bagatelle invites guests to have a coffee on the balcony or in the wonderful decorated inside. Also the place is very children friendly, equipped with many children seats and a nice corner to play for children of all ages.

The Bakery

In the bakery called “Brót” after the German word for bread I guess you can find many different tzpes of very good baked breads, rolls and cakes but also you get soups, croissants and of course Hungarian traditional Pogácsa, so basically everything you expect from a decent bakery. The thing is for me as a German I cannot really get friends with Hungarian white bread and also the trial to make brown breads so for me Villa Bagatelle is a little heaven in the center of Budapest. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than Hungarian white bread next to a good Gulash Soup but for breakfast I prefer the German type of bread and rolls.

The Café

In the first floor you can find the Café of Villa Bagatelle which offers place to probably 50 people and also in summer time you can enjoy their balcony to have your coffee or breakfast. I have been there on a sunday morning and the café was entirely full with people having breakfast, enjoying the sun on the balony or simply have a chat with friends. You can get many things there for breakfast but of course it is recommendable to have some bread from the own bakery.

The Home Decoration Shop

Unfortunately the Home decoration was closed on the day I was there but I could have a sneak through the glass door (see image below) and check what they offer there. Of what I could see the offered things were nothing spectacular but nice indeed and it seems to go hand in hand with the other two parts of the villa where really every little detail is well worked out and wonderful decorated. When I am there next time I will have a closer look on the Home Decoration Shop.

Price wise Villa Bagatelle is for sure not the cheapest place but the quality justifies the prices. Also keep in mind that it is located in the 12th district which is a bit more expensive than other districts in Budapest so I didn’t expect something else. As mentioned the quality of the products and also the taste is really great so I will not complain about the price but if you expect a 150 HUF / kg of bread price you will be in the wrong place.

I really enjoyed the short time I have been to Villa Bagatelle and will return for sure to have a proper breakfast in the sun. So I definitely recommend to have a look, grab a good bread and a fresh orange juice or coffe.

Villa Bagatelle - Home Decoration Shop

Villa Bagatelle - Home Decoration Shop

Villa Bagatelle Contact Information:

1126 Budapest, Németvölgyi út 17., Hungary

Brót bakery:
Monday-Friday 07-19; Saturday-Sunday: 08-12
Tel.: 06 1 213-4191

Monday-Friday: 08-19; Saturday-Sunday: 9-18 h
Tel.: 06 1 213-4190

Home Decoration Shop:
Wednesday-Friday: 10-19; Saturday: 10-16
(on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only)
Tel.: 06 1 213-4194 (appointments: 06 1 213-4190)

For more information visit the Villa Bagatelle website or join the Facebook Page.

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