I have just read an article in the print version of Budapest Business Journal (the article is not yet available online) about new “waiting facilities” at Budapest Airport for travelers of low cost airlines Wizzair, Ryanair and Easyjet. In order to avoid bus transfer to your aircraft these 3 airlines will make you wait in tents ,without any “hygienic or comfort facilities”, as BBJ calls it, so no toilets, no sinks to wash your hands nor places to change your baby’s diapers, and then you walk to the aircraft. You will just be waiting in a tent like a cow waits to get milked.

Bus transportation is fairly normal in Budapest, it seems to be a cost issue not speaking about an air-bridge. Also the low cost airlines used to make you walk to your aircraft (not only in Budapest) in the now closed Terminal 1 but I have never experienced to wait in a tent outside the airport anywhere in the world or with any airline. Mihály Hardy, spokesperson of the Budapest Airport is cited in the article “you don’t have to travel with low cost airlines” which is perfectly right but still being handled like cattle makes you feel as second class people.

I can understand that saving costs is essential to offer so low prices but a waiting area without toilet or any “hygienic facilities” I think goes well beyond my idea of traveling. It all seems to be the consequence of the Malév bankruptcy in 2012, after which the newly renovated Terminal 1 was closed and now it seems that space at Terminal 2 becomes too small for all airlines, so lets move them out. In tents.


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    23rd February 2013


    Do you know if this is still the case? We are to travel to Hungary in May, but will be in Debrecen, and might fly back to London from there if the tents are still in place at Budapest.


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      Budapest Agent
      4th March 2013

      Dear Andrea,
      I have not heard anything else and as far as I know it is a full time installation, so not something time limited.

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