Yes, there is indeed a website like eBay in Hungary called Vatera. You can check it out under but it is in Hungarian only. The website is working like eBay so people submit items and you can bid on them and if you are the highest bidder the item will go to you.

Furthermore there are also classified websites (just like eBay classifieds) which you can find under or but it is not based on a bidding system. There are tons of mostly used items which can be purchased for a fixed price often very cheap.


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    17th April 2015

    is it possible to by hungarian crossword madazine in e-bay

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      20th April 2015

      Hi Eva, maybe it is possible, I am not sure. Just search for “keresztrejtvény”. Good luck

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    21st September 2015

    i live in india…..i wanna give a gift to my friend..but he lives in hungary…it’s a possible

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    21st December 2015

    can you locate mercedes benz station wagons…2007-11 thank you

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    1st October 2018

    i want to buy a blu ray DVD. not disponible in France.
    this is my choice :

    Help me

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