Inside, outside, dance floor!

West Balkan in Budapest is different. It is an inside place to sit and drink a beer with friends at the same time it is a beergarden to drink a beer as well or you just go down in the basement and dance. The open air part is very nice at West Balkan. Formerly it used to be a backyard of some house in Budapest. Now chairs and tables offer plenty of places to sit, talk, drink.

The inside is still an apartement house but with open windows and in the rooms you find space for table soccer, sitting corners, bars and much more. You want to dance? No problem, just go down the stairs in the smoky, hot basement and dance to a mix of electronic, alternative, etno music.
The name West Balkan already shows how oppositional the club is but nevertheless you will find the right spot in West Balkan Budapest.

Kisfaludy u. 37.
District 8, Budapest

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