There is this rule in Hungary that if there is a bridge holiday, connecting a public holiday to the weekend to have 4 days off, instead of working on Fridays you need to work on a Saturday before or after that long weekend. Many people take that day off but also people come to the work place. Since many people took a day off the offices are half empty anyways and you cannot rely on the fact that for example business partners in Hungary and obviously internationally as well work on that Saturday. So usually these Saturdays are not the hardest working days in Hungary.
Now I read an article on the Budapest Business Journal underlining exactly that. Well to be honest it did not surprise me. This article is based on a analysis done in 500 Hungarian businesses in various industries by the Bank Quarter Business Centre. According to this study 71% of the surveyed people state that there is little done on “working Saturdays”. 31% said that the cost of operating on these days is not worth the generated business. So some companies require staff to take these Saturdays off from their normal holidays and in 2012 there have been 5 such “working” Saturdays which means that an entire week of holiday has to been taken off the regular holidays by the employee.
In many companies you can see that employees are arriving late of “working Saturdays” and leave early which means that they are at work maybe 5 or 6 hours instead of the normal 8 hours and of course the question is how much is effectively worked within the time at work. I guess that it is not much work that is done on these Saturdays. What experiences have you made with these days?

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