If you can’t get enough of Unicum – the dark brown, bittersweet liqueur distilled from 40 herbs and nearly 42% alcohol – then be sure to visit the Zwack Unicum Museum to get a real taste of Hungarian culture. The Museum follows the story of a drink and a family that spans six generations following simultaneous struggles of the country and family.

The Zwack family arose from the middle-European mix of the Austro-Hungarian empire. They found their obsession with Unicum in 1970. The founder, Jozef Zwack, over saw all the production of Unicum up until his death at the age of 94. By the time of his death, Zwack firm was producing about 220 liqueurs and brandies that were exported all over the world, such as, Vilmos, Kalinka, Baileys and Jonny walker. The company flourished until World War II, when the factory was bombed to dust. After the war, they re-built the factory and in 1948 the Communist government confiscated everything the family possessed, which seemed like “the end” to them. The brothers, then emigrated out of Hungary. In 1987, Peter and his wife moved back to Hungary, while still a communist country, and they bought the company back, with 15 factories and 1300 employees. They never thought that they would one day return to Hungary and that Péter would be able to sit behind his father’s desk in the Unicum factory. Peter and his wife had seven children, all of which are actively involved in the company.

Upon visiting the museum, you’ll first watch a 20 minute video in English, German, Italian or Hungarian and the tour ends with the tasting of the amazing Zwack products. The museum offers entrance to all ages, those under 18 will not participate in the taste testing. Entrance is cheap, starting at 1800 HUF for a normal entrance and down to 800 for students under 18. For opening hours, you must contact them, hours may change.

Images of the Zwack Museum in Budapest

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Zwack Museum Information

Address: Soroksári út 26. (Entrance from Dandár utca!), 1095 Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 476 2383
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